The Importance Of Rugs In Your Activity Room

star gazing activity roomYour kids could mingle with their hobbies for hours. As parents, you might want to allow them their own space to explore their interests – this can only impact positively to your kids. Rugs, flooring, sofas or chairs – everything is needed to set up well for your kids’ comfort.

Whether your kids’ hobby… [Click here to continue]

Floor Standing Globe Styles

floor standing globesA floor standing globe is a beautiful piece that will give any home decor a more interesting appeal. These globes are also perfect as gifts, especially to astronomy fans. There are many types of floor standing globes. A floor standing globe can be made of many different materials. Stands can be made of… [Click here to continue]

Planet Nibiru Telescope Image

planet nibiruThe Planet X or Nibiru stirs up some controversies for quite some time.

Nevertheless, planet Nibiru is spectacular to watch – here is an impressive image taken on October 01, 2010, using diamond magnetized clear telescope lenses.

Check out the amazing video here:

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Watch What You Eat during Your Star Gazing Activities

star gazing preparationStar gazers and amateur astronomers like to do what they love to do for hours. Quite often, they forget about the time of the day. Also, quite often star gazers don’t eat right during their activities – fast foods, chips and snacks are the “standard” foodstuff for star gazers.

You need to avoid such foods,… [Click here to continue]

How to Modify a Webcam to Use With a Telescope

webcam telescopeWant to broadcast what your telescope see to the web? You can do so by attaching a modded webcam with your telescope.

Here’s how to modify a webcam so that you can attach it to a telescope. The video is 4 years old, but nevertheless, it’s still useful today. Check this out:

Buy a[Click here to continue]

Microscopes And Telescopes: Are They Similar?

microscope telescopeAlmost everyone can remember the day in school when they got to the science class and the teacher had the microscopes on the table. We all knew the fun that could be had looking at things up close and the things that we came up with to look at were almost infinite.

Telescopes were also… [Click here to continue]

Jupiter Observer’s Toolkit

jupiter observers toolkitJupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System, has a retinue of 63 satellites (at last count) and shields Earth from inbound comets. One of it’s moons, Europa, is suspected of harboring an ocean beneath its icy crust, one that has a very good chance of supporting life.

Jupiter is a spectacular planet when… [Click here to continue]

Using Telescope Mount for Stargazing

telescope mountIf you have ever tried looking through a telescope without a telescope mount to steady your equipment, you understand the difficulty of focusing on a set object in the night skies. Compound that problem with a heavenly body that is actually moving across the sky and you realize that it is almost impossible to track… [Click here to continue]

How to Make a Wii Telescope Control

wii controlled orion atlas eq-g mountWant to have more fun with your Nintendo Wii? How about controlling an Orion Telescope Mount with a Wii controller? Watch this video on how to do it.

This video shows you how to make a Wiimote controls an Orion Atlas EQ-G (Also known as Eq6) mount. I used GlovePIE, BlueSoleil, and PPJoy to make… [Click here to continue]

How to Buy a Telescope

buy a telescopeSo you have decided that you want to take up astronomy. Many do! It’s a fascinating hobby after all. Many take up astronomy because their interest has been fired by a TV documentary which introduces them to the wonders of the heavens. Others become interested after talking to an avid amateur astronomer, and get bitten… [Click here to continue]

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